Identify your essentials –

Write down what you use every day and focus on those for main pieces and décor – remove the excess.

What adds value to your life vs. what is collecting dust?

DECLUTTTER and donate! Less is MORE. Streamline your surfaces.

Less is MORE. Streamline your surfaces.

Storage is crucial to tuck away clutter and stay organized (think storage benches and ottomans!)

“Cheap things are seldom good. Good things are seldom cheap” – Invest in QUALITY to stand the test of time. 

Bring in nature – florals and greenery create a sense of fresh air.

Natural light!!

EMBRACE WHITE SPACE – no need to fill every inch of the wall with decor

Consume less – wants vs. needs come in to play here huge! 

Minimalism in the home prefers a neutral palette. Stick to neutrals to keep things calm.

Texture can be a good way to break up the neutral palette and create a more layered minimal look.

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